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P (Park) Fine Art International Gallery is based in Greenville, South Carolina.

P Fine Art has consistently participated in numerous art fairs and international tour shows. The gallery is noted in both local and international shows for 4-6 times annually and has been recognized by many art critics from around the world as a highly notable worldwide group in Albuquerque. 

The artists represented by the gallery come from various backgrounds of Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Netherlands, and the US.

P Fine Art has been participating in the International Santa Fe Art Fair since 2009 and in KIAF since 2010. Beginning in 2015, the gallery has also shown works at the Art Expo NYC. 2017, P Fine Art participated in Red Dot Miami. The shows primarily focus on demonstrations by invited Korean traditional paper artists on the creation of the papers and their works.

Additional artists from China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, France and the US will be joining the annual show touring Korea, Japan, Turkey, France, and Hong Kong during the month of September. Local exhibitions are shown in Greenville, as well, in February, July, October, November, and December every year.